Alliance Day 2019 [National Instruments]

Alliance Day 2019 [National Instruments]


Over the next few days, our CTO and CEO attend National Instruments' (NI) Northern European Alliance Day. They look, among other things, forward to hearing more about NI's strategies for 2019 in relation to the partner program.


From Focus Comes Growth

When the Northern European Alliance Day takes place on 6-7 March 2019 in Amsterdam, it is held under the headline "From focus comes growth". In this connection, there will, among other things, be technical as well as business-oriented presentations, which is why our CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, and CEO, Martin Boje, attend NI's annual event for partners in Northern Europe.

Alliance Day 2019: See the Agenda

The Headline of the Program Can Be Linked to GPower

The headline "From focus comes growth" can moreover be linked to GPower's growth. A growth that, among other things, occurs because of a long-standing focus on developing a strong software-foundation with the ability to reuse and customize software elements from previous projects. Based on this focus, we have more than doubled our staff and customer portfolio over the past 18 months.

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Strategy, Technology, and Networking

As NI Alliance Partner, we look forward to hearing more about NI's strategies for 2019, just as we also look forward to networking and hearing more about state-of-the-art technology.

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