GPower Welcomes a New Intern

GPower Welcomes a New Intern


From March 25, 2019, Lasse Thorfinn Jagd will also be part of the GPower team. While Lasse Thorfinn will start as an intern, we expect that the internship will result in a permanent employment.


One More Developer on the Team

At GPower, we keep growing! While we, less than two months ago, were able to welcome Poul Lindholm Pedersen and Mads Grunnet Askholt, we have welcomed Lasse Thorfinn Jagd today. Lasse Thorfinn is a trained mechanical engineer, and comes from a position as ROV pilot at ROV Support A/S. Furthermore, he has also been a supervisor at Aarhus University among other things.

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In recent years, Lasse Thorfinn has, among other things, been involved in projects regarding the wind industry, including inspection and documentation in terms of cleaning offshore wind turbines by means of robots. Also, he has experience in developing software solutions by means of LabVIEW that works as our primary tool.

A "Computer Man" with Great Interest in Test and Automation

Why GPower? We asked Lasse Thorfinn that question to which he responded:

"In addition to be a true "computer man", I also have a great interest in test and automation projects by which GPower is experts. Moreover, GPower is dealing with lots of diverse projects that could be exciting for me to work on. Last, but not least, the atmosphere at the office seems to be very good, which I look forward to being a part of” – Lasse Thorfinn Jagd.

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