GPower’s Site Is Now Live in English

GPower’s Site Is Now Live in English


Our new website in English is now live and will play an important part in our new business-model which contains the ambition to further our reach outside the boundaries of Denmark.


Because of our rollout of GPower 2.0, we have already re-launched our website and updated our visual profile. We are now happy to be able to present an international website in English with the intention to make us visible and relevant also for foreign clients and the global market in correlation with our new business-strategy.

“We are in the midst of an exciting process to complete our new business-approach, and soon we will be able to present our unique and high-quality instruments for automation, simulation, and test. We, at GPower, do not doubt for a second that we can be an important partner and collaborator for international businesses also. Our new website in English will make that even clearer. This has been a goal of ours from the get-go, and now we are one step closer to it,” – Martin Boje, CEO.

Stay Tuned for More

There will be a lot of exciting content coming online in the near future. Soon, we are able to present a product site that will show how our instruments, specialized knowhow and unique software – combined with the quality hardware from National Instruments – are able to handle and solve the specific projects and needs that your business is facing.

Meanwhile, feel free to browse our site, check out our collection of cases or contact us to hear more.

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