Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard Is GPower’s New Project Manager

Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard Is GPower’s New Project Manager


As we regularly get more and bigger projects, we have hired Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard as new Project Manager for our development team from May 1, 2018.


Bigger Projects and More Employees

When we have decided to hire Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard as project manager, it is due to bigger projects and more employees during the last six months.

Experienced Project Manager

Michael has, among other things, more than 10 years of experience with project management in terms of software and hardware projects, and we feel convinced that he is the right person to take our project management to the next level.

“I’ve followed GPower on the journey that they've been through since day one. And I've been very impressed with regard to their focus and drive. GPower is for me a company that has managed to be disruptive when it comes to software and hardware solutions for measurement and testing. In addition, Steen and Martin - and not least the rest of the team - have already created a good image and a strong base. Therefore, it’s also a great honour for me to get the chance to become a part of the further journey," says Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard.

Michael has a past in companies such as Vestas, Terma, Ser Energy, and DIS among others.

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