New Sales Manager at GPower!

New Sales Manager at GPower!


Henrik Hedegaard Sørensen is GPower’s new Sales Manager! Besides being in charge of sales and business development in Denmark, Henrik will also be responsible for the international scaling of GPower’s test and measurement systems. An international focus that is based on ongoing product development resulting in unique and popular products in Denmark but also abroad.


Development Projects and Products

As Sales Manager, Henrik will have a national as well as an international focus in terms of scaling GPower's projects and products. In addition to increasing sales of development projects to various industries in Denmark, one of Henrik's key tasks is also to intensify sales of GPower ProFactory at home and abroad. So that ProFactory becomes the preferred choice when companies need a faster and more flexible test system that is 100% future-proof.

Another task is, moreover, to spread the word about our new products, which go by the names GPower Imager, GPower IO-Link and GPower UVC. A newly expanded product portfolio allowing us to seek out other markets, but also embracing even wider regarding existing customers. Methods that Henrik has extensive experience with, which we look forward to seeing the results of.

Henrik's CV

Henrik is a trained electronics engineering but he has worked as a Technical Sales Manager for the past 20 years. Most recently, Henrik comes from a position as Sales Manager at GateHouse SatCom. A company that develops software protocols and test equipment for satellite communications. Henrik has also worked with sales of consulting at both Develco and mPeople. In addition, he has a technical background as a developer of wireless communication at Thrane & Thrane (Cobham) and RTX Telecom.

Why GPower?

“I am very much looking forward to working at GPower and becoming part of their top professional team. In many ways, they have become trendsetters in simulation and test equipment among other things. GPower has already experienced a massive growth and development, which places them among the absolute leading consulting and development houses in Europe in the field of test and measurement. So, the fact that GPower also adds several new products and continues to grow will be very exciting to be a part of ", says Henrik.

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