Two Tech Leads Are Part of a New Setup!

Two Tech Leads Are Part of a New Setup!

As we continue to expand the number of employees, we have just introduced two new Tech Leads as part of a new GPower setup. Read more about the new setup in this blog post. 


Two Experienced Tech Leads

The reason for introducing two new Tech Leads in our development department is partly due to the expansion of employees and the increase of projects that require even more structure and division of responsibility.

A characteristic of the two Tech Leads is, among other things, that they have many years of experience with LabVIEW and TestStand, which work as our primary tools for developing high-quality software solutions for testing, measurement, and control. Therefore, the two Tech Leads have also a complete understanding of how to develop the best and the most ideal solutions – an understanding and an in-depth knowledge that enable the Tech Leads to make the right decisions, whether it is about system design or quality assurance.

What does it mean being part of GPower?

New Titles. Same Mindset

Despite new titles, both Tech Leads will continue developing software solutions, as it is a real benefit for us being hands-on in terms of ongoing projects.

What kind of projects are we dealing with? Read more here  

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