ProFactory: Tomorrow’s Test System [Article]

Want to know more about ProFactory – a brand new test system that will benefit everything from small to large-scale companies? Then read the Danish article: "ProFactory er et godt bud på fremtidens testsystem" in the sixth edition of Aktuel...

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Solid Growth at GPower [Article]

In the fourth edition of Aktuel Elektronik, a Danish electronics magazine, you will find a story about GPower on page 2. A story that is based on a record result for the financial year 2018/2019. The result allows us to hire even more software...

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GPower: We Expect to Double the Number of Employees [Article]

Below the Danish article, you will find an English translation. Please note that the original article is written in Danish by Kian Johansen who is editor at the local newspaper, Lokalavisen Favrskov.

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Aktuel Elektronik: GPower Is Much More than LabVIEW Architects [Article]

Based on our latest stories, we have reached the front page in the seventh edition of Aktuel Elektronik, a Danish electronics magazine! Read the article here, where you will also find a link to the original article! Please note that the original...

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Randers Amtsavis: Record Speed at GPower [Article]

”Record Speed at GPower – They Need More Employees”. That was the headline, when we had space in the business magazine in Randers Amtsavis last week. Here, you will find a translation of the article.

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Elektronikfokus: GPower in a New Setup [Article]

During the technology and industry conference we attended in Herning, we met with Rolf Sylvester-Hvid from the Danish magazine, Elektronikfokus. Here, you will find a translation of the article that came from it.  

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