What is Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)?

TSN is the latest extension of the Ethernet standard, but what does it consist of and how can it be used to synchronise devices on a network?

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What Is Hardware Abstraction?

What is hardware abstraction, and what are the benefits when recording or generating signals for test equipment, data collection, or control systems among others?

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What Kind of Hardware Platforms Do We Use When Building Systems?

With regard to our software platforms, we are building systems by using the programming language, LabVIEW, and the framework for test management, TestStand. But what about our hardware platforms? 

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16 Xeon Cores for Embedded Real Time [PXI Controllers]

Just another day at the GPower offices. A couple of National Instruments’ fastest PXI controllers have just arrived at our office this morning! NDAs prevents us from telling exactly what it is for unfortunately. That said, we can tell you that it...

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Get High-quality Controllers at Affordable Prices! [CompactRIO]

Previously, a high-quality controller has rapidly reached 30-40,000 Danish kroner. However, this tendency does not have to be the case anymore as National Instruments has released a new series of cRIO models at completely different prices than...

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CompactRIO – Adjusting Instruments

“Building High Precision Instruments with CompactRIO”. That was the headline for one of the presentations at NIDays, and it was given by our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt. In his presentation he shared with the audience his expertise in...

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