GPower Is Launching a New Project Page!

At GPower, we have just launched a new project page! The page will among other things give you an overview of our services, what kind of projects we are able to solve, and how our concept differs from traditional project solution. 

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What Kind of Projects Are We Dealing With? [Read Five Use Cases]

At first sight, it can seem a bit extensive that we are dealing with projects regarding automation, simulation, and test. So, what kind of projects are we actually dealing with? By means of five use cases, we offer an insight into this question. 

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How to Avoid Expensive and Endless Projects? [Test and Measurement]

Higher quality, lower costs, shorter development time, and more flexibility. These are the keywords for our project concept – a concept that moves away from traditional project solutions regarding test and measurement among others by using a...

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When Models Become Reality [Case]

“When Models Become Reality.” This is the headline of one of our latest simulation projects where we developed a wind turbine simulator with real-time software and hardware.

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